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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)  

  • What is White Boca?
    White Boca is a soft shimmering fabric, that does not have the strong shine of satin.  Boca is a good complement for gowns made of lace, tulle, and chiffon.  Remember that fabric is not critical.  Don't pass up the perfect pair of wedding shoes just because they're boca and your gown is satin!

  • Can Bridal tint my shoes?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to offer tinting.  Shoes shipped in damp weather may "run," and color adjustments can be impossible due to the time element in shipping back and forth.  We recommend bringing your shoes to a reputable local shoe repair shop, where a test swatch will be prepared so you can approve your color before it is applied to your shoes.  Be sure to bring a sample of your actual fabric, and let your tinter know in advance if you need your shoes dyed for day or evening wear.  The ultraviolet rays of the sun will effect a dramatic change in color when viewed in natural light.

  • What heel height should I choose?
    You'll be most comfortable if you stay with the heel height that you wear normally - no sky high heels if you live in sneakers, and high-heel wearers who think low-heels will be more comfortable on their wedding day will end up with strained calf muscles.  A good rule of thumb is to stray no more than one inch higher or lower than your favorite shoes.

  • How is heel height measured?
    As illustrated below, standard shoe industry measurements are taken from the inside of the heel.  Add approximately 1/2 inch to that measurement to find the heel height as taken from the back of the shoe.

    Heel Heights

  • How do your shoe sizes run?
    Our shoes run true to size; however, if you fall between two sizes, your best bet is to order the larger size.  Everyone has one foot larger than the other - some slightly, and some with as much as a half size difference.  You should purchase footwear to fit your larger foot - a half insole can be added to the shoe for your smaller foot to make it snugger if necessary.

  • How can I choose comfortable shoes?
    At Bridal, we fit test our shoes to offer only the most comfortable footwear.  However, not every shoe is right for every foot.  As a general rule, it's best to stay with the
    style of shoe that you normally wear in a dressy shoe - your wedding day is not the time to experiment with open toe slingbacks if you've never worn them.
  • Do I have to wear stockings with my sandals?
    Gone are the days when the bride or party guest had to wear hosiery to complete a formal wedding outfit.  All you really need is a great pair of sandals and a perfect pedicure for even the dressiest event.
  • How can I keep from slipping in my new shoes?
    Take a tip from the "old shoe dogs" - just scuff up your shiny new soles with a nail file or emery board to get extra traction!
  • Do I need to "break in" my new shoes?
    Happily, fabric shoes are much softer than leather and will give to the foot more easily.  To ensure the most comfort, wear your new shoes for a few minutes each day a week or so before The Big Day.   
  • Help! I got my shoes dirty at my fitting!
    An actual stain, such as lipstick or ink, will need to be removed by a local shoemaker who will use professional dry cleaning solution.  You can take care of a scuff or streak yourself, by rubbing gently with a clean artist's eraser (not a pink one!)
  • I have a question, but it's not on this list.
    Just click here to send an email to Liz the ShoeLady - our head stylist has helped hundreds of brides and party guests find the perfect shoes.  She will respond to your queries personally within 24 hours.


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